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Instructions for a voyage, 1609

26 May 2019

A few weeks ago I looked at some manuscripts of the French intellectual and antiquarian Nicolas-Fabri de Peiresc (1580-1637) at the Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix-en-Provence,...

The Possibility of Giants

16 March 2019

Various large bones, discovered across Europe from around 1500 onward, raised the possibility among Renaissance naturalists and intellectuals that very large humans – some five...

The Nun with Blue Teeth

22 January 2019

I’m always looking for skeleton stories.  But it’s not often that I come across an article in the scientific literature that includes references to the ancient Greek...

Translation as a Way of Life

10 January 2019

Enter a captionMy essay on my experiences with translating has just appeared, open access, in Isis, the journal of the History of Science Society.