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Eighteenth-Century Advice on How to Vote in a Twenty-First-Century Snap Election

20 April 2017

The claim that we are living in ‘unprecedented times’ is itself becoming disconcertingly ‘precedented.’ This is perhaps to be expected when we live in a world...

James Montgomery: A Poldark for Sheffield

17 September 2016

‘I fought for our liberty. For our hopes. For our dreams. And I’ll keep on fighting, whatever the cost.’ These are the words of the Aidan Turner’s Ross Poldark,...

Rough-House Journalism in 18th-Century Sheffield

11 August 2016

In the final years of the 18th century the editors of two of Sheffield most radical newspapers put everything on the line to stand up for the citizens of their city. Fearing that...

Inclusion, collaboration and reconciliation: 18th-century advice on the EU vote

19 June 2016

In a campaign fuelled by toxic rhetoric rather than political reality it is worth considering the message of the great 18th-century rhetorician and political writer, Joseph Addison....