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Vicious rhetoric and its poisonous effects

17 June 2016

Today it seems that everywhere I look I see acts of violence fuelled by a rhetoric of hate, and I think that something must be said about that. This blog usually concerns itself with...

Blogging elsewhere

25 November 2015

Please have a look at my post and article over at Cerae:

The Strange and wonderful history of Mother Shipton

15 November 2015

I am afraid I have been very unwell and ended up in hospital this week, so the post on flying witches hasn’t been finished. So in the interest of getting a post up on time (while...

Distance and Sabbats in early modern English ‘witch plays’

10 November 2015

This week’s post will be short and sweet, and be my first return to the early modern period in four weeks. via In her book Witchcraft and Society in England and America, 1550-1750,...