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History on Appeal: Originalism and Evidence in the Comeau Case

3 May 2018

Bradley Miller The Supreme Court declined this month to radically change the way that Canada works. In R v Comeau, lawyers for a New Brunswick man ticketed for bringing too many bottles...

A House in New Orleans: The Le Moyne Family and the Foundation of the Crescent City

9 April 2018

Michael J. Davis “We are at present working on the establishment of New Orleans, thirty leagues above the entry of the Mississippi,” wrote the newly-commissioned commandant-général...

Teaching the Politics and Meaning of Maps

26 March 2018

Claire Campbell   I like maps. A lot. I used to study the Rand McNally Road Atlas on long car trips. Sometimes when I’m homesick I’ll meander through Halifax on Google...

New Brunswick Lighthouses and Colonial Spaces, 1784-1867

19 March 2018

Zachary A. Tingley Lighthouses, once a lifesaving beacon of hope for mariners facing the elements, are themselves now in need of rescue. In communities up and down the Atlantic coast,...