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A Community of Suffering: The Robie Women in Loyalist Halifa

8 January 2018

G. Patrick O’Brien Having spent an agreeable New Year’s Eve with her friends, nineteen-year-old Mary Robie paused to write in her diary before turning in for the night....

Yule and Misrule in Early Newfoundland and Labrador: Why fires and firearms roared every year

23 December 2017

Stephen Hay When we think of Christmas in Newfoundland and Labrador, mumming comes to mind, the famous tradition of visiting in disguise.[1] Yet, this is just one of many Christmas...

How to Start Your Thesis

11 December 2017

Jerry Bannister Starting a graduate thesis is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, delusional, or one of those bizarre people who find it easy. December in Canada brings awful...

No, Confederation Wasn’t About ‘Freedom’

14 November 2017

Shirley Tillotson Editors’ note: This essay is jointly posted with our partners at, and appeared in an earlier version as a Letter to the Editor in the National...