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What makes a good undergraduate history essay?

13 April 2018

Essay writing is the single most important skill of the aspiring historian. What is the point of knowing anything unless we can synthesise that knowledge, draw out the most important...

Luther and England’s Long Reformation

31 October 2017

Today is the 500th anniversary of an event that may never have happened, but which may as well have. Sometimes, what really matters in history is not what really happened, but what...

Why Study History? (Updated for the Twenty-First Century)

1 October 2017

It seems that everyone has had a pop at this question at some point, so I’ll throw my tuppence worth in as well. There was a time when historians were unabashed about answering...

‘Game of Thrones’ is not Historical

24 August 2017

The books of George R. R. Martin and the HBO fictional televisions series, Game of Thrones, are not historical. They do not bear any relation to the reality of the human past, have...