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Magnifique! Delicieux!

7 June 2019

The French surgeon Auguste Nélaton is one of those figures better known for the company he kept than for what he did. As well as acting as personal physician to Napoleon III,...

The stone bullet

4 June 2019

In 1829 a surgeon from Wolverhampton, William Lewis, contributed this unusual surgical tale to The Lancet: John Roden, a boy about 11 years of age, (of the Deanery-row,) of...

Bruit force

26 May 2019

Committee reports aren’t exactly famed for their entertainment value. But while leafing through the 1850 volume of the Transactions of the American Medical Association I found...

A near miss

23 May 2019

This case was published in the Report of the Army Medical Department for 1873, an annual publication produced by the medics of the British military. Browsing its pages, my first reaction...