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Rare and peculiar

20 February 2018

“How did it happen?” is a question every emergency physician will ask hundreds if not thousands of times during their career. The answer is usually mundane: “I fell...

William Harvey at the Royal College of Physicians

17 February 2018

The Royal College of Physicians in London, which celebrates its 500th anniversary later this year, is currently staging a small exhibition devoted to one of its most celebrated former...

The ear drill

14 February 2018

You’ve heard of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut; but what about a drill (or rather two drills) to crack a cherry stone? That is exactly what took place at the Hôtel-Dieu...

Mr Trought’s tobacco enema

11 February 2018

In June 1828 the Lancet published a pair of short case histories that contemporary readers must have found rather confusing. Printed on the same page, they both dealt with cases in...