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Clothing the child workers: what did the Quarry Bank apprentices wear?

5 September 2016

Last year, in a post titled Apprentices and their boxes, I wrote about plans to give visitors to Quarry Bank a better understanding of what it was like to be a child worker living in...

The ‘Pickled cottage’ in Styal village

17 May 2016

One of the buildings at Quarry Bank that will be newly open to the public after 2019 will be 13 Oak Cottages. It’s known locally as the Pickled cottage, because it has been literally...

Lives more ordinary: tradesmen and women during the industrial revolution

9 May 2016

An eclectic mix of small manufacturers, shopkeepers and service providers dominated the streetscape of towns across the north-west of England during the late Georgian era. Today shop-workers...

Hard work and hellfire: educating the children at Apprentice House

5 December 2015

Still from the Channel 4 series, The Mill The child workers who lived at Apprentice House received a small amount of formal education. A teacher was employed from as early as...