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Convicts in the Colonies: Transportation Tales from Britain to Australia by Lucy Williams

3 February 2019

Between 1787 and 1868 more than 160,000 criminal men, women and children were punished by being transported to the newly founded colonies in Australia. In her book Convicts in the Colonies...

Watercolour World

3 February 2019

WATERCOLOUR WORLD A free online database of documentary watercolours painted before 1900. You can explore the visual records on a world map, search for topics and compare watercolours...

Armstrong’s Actual Survey of the Great Post-Roads

26 January 2019

ARMSTRONG’S ACTUAL SURVEY OF THE GREAT POST-ROADS An Actual Survey of the Great Post-Roads Between London and Edinburgh, With the Country Three Miles on Each Side, this edition...

Paterson’s Roads

26 January 2019

PATERSON’S ROADS A great resource for historical fiction and non-fiction writers. There were 18 editions of Paterson’s Roads between 1771 to 1829, a form of gazeteer...