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Kitty Cochrane: Adventurer for Latin American Independence

28 April 2023

It is my great pleasure to host an extract of Charmian Kenner’s new book Revolutionary Partners: Sarah Andrews and British Campaigners for Latin American Independence. Charmian...

Contraceptives in the late 19th century

28 March 2023

What choices were available to women in the late 19th century? CONTINUE READING The post Contraceptives in the late 19th century appeared first on Naomi Clifford.

Who lived in Park Lane (the cheap end)?

9 January 2023

WHAT DO YOU think when you hear the words Park Lane? Do think Oooooh posh? After all, Park Lane, is Mayfair, once home to millionaires, celebritiesand aristocrats. The money is still...

Mr Giovanelli, the cancan and the demise of Highbury Barn

9 January 2023

In my WIP (work in progress, or more accurately WISP, work in slow progress) some of my characters go to Highbury Barn in north London and witness some lewd behaviour… CONTINUE...