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A postcard from Avignon

7 February 2018

Jake Hodder was kind enough to invite me recently to write a piece for the most recent issue of the HGRG newsletter on my archival experiences in Avignon. Reflecting on that sunny week...

Footnotes on footnotes

24 November 2017

In a recent blog post I discussed the identification of one of the titles in Macintosh’s library: The history of Tom Jones, a foundling (1749). Today, in reading through...

Macintosh at home, part the second

15 November 2017

The main facade of Macintosh’s town house, from Rue Grande Monnaie Since returning from Avignon I have concentrated on completing the catalogue of Macintosh’s library,...

Wisdom of the crowd

1 November 2017

A riddle from the inventory. Since returning from Avignon, I have been attempting to tie up the last few loose ends from my work on the inventory of Macintosh’s library. Although...