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Dobin to present paper at “Othello’s Island”

1 December 2017

Hank Dobin’s paper on the topic of Essex on the European stage has been accepted for the Othello’s Island Conference to be held in Nicosia, Cyprus in March 2018.

Dobin offers paper on Youtube videos

15 April 2017

Hank Dobin wrote a paper called “Bad Romance, or, The Shipping News” for a research seminar for the 2017 Shakespeare Association of American annual meeting in Atlanta. ...

Allie Jue ’20 named Lenfest Summer Scholar

1 March 2017

Allie Jue, ’20, has been named a Lenfest Summer Scholar for 2017 and will work with Hank Dobin on the Timeline.  Allie is interested in working on early English histories...

Essex Timeline presented at SAA Digital Salon

24 March 2016

Hank Dobin participated in the Shakespeare Association of America’s annual conference in March 2016, presenting the Essex Timeline as part of the Digital Salon.  Approximately...