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New Donne Manuscript Discovery: The Hand of WA

6 February 2018

By Daniel Starza Smith (King's College London) and Matthew Payne (Westminster Abbey Library)This blog post offers further information about the discovery at Westminster Abbey of a manuscript...

John Donne Jeopardy

8 February 2017

John Donne made an appearance on Jeopardy! on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 (Show #7457). Here are the questions. The contestants were Doug Baker (a sustainability specialist from Tecumseh,...

Not a Poem

25 October 2016

Readers of Donne have probably noticed more than once a reference to Donne's poem "No man is an Island." It happens a lot. Problem is, it is not a poem. It is not even a work of literature...

CFP: Space, Place and Image in Early Modern English Literature

20 June 2016

The project on "Space, Place and Image in the Poetry and Prose of John Donne" at Université de Lausanne is hosting a conference, 11-13 May 2017, expanding their scope to include...