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Digital Features and Futures at the Annual Conference of the John Donne Society

9 March 2019

This year's annual conference of the John Donne Society featured a special digital theme. We started the program with a keynote address by Ray Siemens (University of Victoria) on “Donne...

New Donne Manuscript Discovery: The Hand of WA

6 February 2018

By Daniel Starza Smith (King's College London) and Matthew Payne (Westminster Abbey Library)This blog post offers further information about the discovery at Westminster Abbey of a manuscript...

John Donne Jeopardy

8 February 2017

John Donne made an appearance on Jeopardy! on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 (Show #7457). Here are the questions. The contestants were Doug Baker (a sustainability specialist from Tecumseh,...

Not a Poem

25 October 2016

Readers of Donne have probably noticed more than once a reference to Donne's poem "No man is an Island." It happens a lot. Problem is, it is not a poem. It is not even a work of literature...