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Survey of Open Access Journal Publication in Renaissance Studies

31 August 2023

By Miguel Dela Pena and Prototyping the Digital Archive team of INKE In support of our goal to move the John Donne Journal from print to Diamond open access electronic publication (essentially,...

Prototyping the Social Literary Archive: The Case of The John Donne Society's Digital Prose Project

22 July 2023

The John Donne Society's Digital Prose Project has a side-hustle. While the primary work of JDSDPP is to build a set of primary-text resources related to Donne's prose works, we are...

John Donne, Biathanatos (1647)

19 February 2023

Joseph Black (University of Massachusetts Amherst) This copy of the undated (but 1647) first issue of Donne’s Biathanatos, currently in a private collection, features some intriguing...

Donne Digitally: a webinar 22 April 2022 @2:00 EST

5 April 2022

We are very please to announce an event focused on the JDS's Digital Prose project. This webinar will be an update on the project and a formative (rather than merely informative) conversation...