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Sequencing the Fabrica

18 January 2016

As you leaf through multiple copies of the Fabrica, you begin to notice that not all illustrations look the same in all the exemplars. Some of them clearly exist in multiple copies...

The Mobility of the Fabrica

10 January 2016

From the Elbląska Gazeta InternetowaWe visited the Elbląg Municipal Library last week, where we found a highly interesting copy of the 1555 edition. Elbląg (Elbing in...

New Fabricas Found

5 January 2016

Recently, the New York Times announced with great fanfare that a new copy of the King James Bible was found at Drew University, recorded only in the old card catalogue, but not...

Warren, Vesalius and the Fine Arts

4 January 2016

The Center for the History of Medicine at Harvard’s Francis A. Countway Library holds a remarkable notebook of lectures that John Warren (1753-1815), one of the three founders...