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Culloden Battlefield

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The Ceasg, the Saltire and the Thistle – More Scottish Legends

18 June 2019

In previous blog posts, we have featured a variety of creatures from Scottish folklore, as well as a couple of legends, such as the tale of King Robert the Bruce and the spider. Today’s...

Carlisle and the Jacobites

30 May 2019

The city of Carlisle, located in the northern English county of Cumbria, has special significance in regards to the 1745-46 Jacobite Rising; then a town belonging to the historic county...

Natural History of Culloden

4 April 2019

Culloden Moor is a very special location. Not only is it the site of the last pitched land battle fought in the British Isles; but it and the surrounding area act as an important refuge...

Dundee and the Jacobites

2 March 2019

In the past six months, we have written blog posts on Jacobite connections to the cities of Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen and Glasgow; today, here is one about Dundee. After the deposition...