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Culloden Battlefield

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Natural History of Culloden

4 April 2019

Culloden Moor is a very special location. Not only is it the site of the last pitched land battle fought in the British Isles; but it and the surrounding area act as an important refuge...

Dundee and the Jacobites

2 March 2019

In the past six months, we have written blog posts on Jacobite connections to the cities of Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen and Glasgow; today, here is one about Dundee. After the deposition...

Battlefield Plants and their Uses

2 February 2019

In 2015 we wrote a blog post describing the uses for certain plants found on Culloden Battlefield, with particular focus on their medicinal properties; here are four more plants that...

More Jacobite Women

19 January 2019

There is information available about a number of female Jacobites. Several of these women have been featured in previous blog posts. Here are a couple more, with details about what...