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Letterlocking: How did you fold a letter in the early modern period and what did it mean?

11 March 2016

First impressions are important. When I receive mail – physical items by post, that is – simply the size and shape of the envelope tells me something about the sender. A5-sized...

An addendum on the history of the word “linguist” in the sense ‘interpreter’

11 September 2015

One of my first publications was an article titled “Jurebassos and Linguists: The East India Company and Early Modern English words for ‘interpreter’” (abstract;...

On marking language-switching in speech and writing

24 August 2015

So what I have to say is too long to fit in a tweet or even a handful of tweets. I followed the link in this tweet – Loving @djolder on why italicizing non-English languages in...

Counting correspondence, listing letters

23 June 2015

A number of years ago, I gave a talk on mapping correspondence – that is, about the ways in which you can plot letters and epistolary exchanges on a map. Perhaps the most important...