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Fifty Years of Textile History: Reflections on the Field

3 December 2018

A couple of weeks ago the Pasold Research Fund held its annual conference. This year’s event marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Pasold’s journal, Textile History, and...

Exhibiting Early Modern Fashion: 16th-Century Grave Clothes

7 August 2017

Clothes belonging to Pietro of Aragon, mid 16th century, on display in San Domenico Maggiore, Naples One of the great frustrations of life as an early modern fashion historian is the...

Subverting Sartorial Norms

29 March 2017

Earlier this month I travelled to Paris for a few days for a conference on Nomadic Objects in the early modern world. The last time I was in Paris for an academic event, a year ago,...

‘Uncharted 4’ and the Value of Objects

9 March 2017

Recently I played my first ever Playstation game: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The hype about this game is well deserved – it’s amazing, and really enjoyable to play....