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History is Bad for You. Science Told Me So

9 October 2018

When — as Alex Rosenberg did in Salon the other day — you publish a piece with the title “Why Most Narrative History is Wrong“, and subtitle it “Even the...

Matters of Faith

5 October 2018

Tuesday brought news of the latest self-indulgent hoaxing of academic journals by a trio of “academic exiles” intent on establishing that the academy is a at once a hothouse...

I Shall Return, No, Really

19 September 2018

I didn’t intend to take such a long break from writing this blog. (Sorry if anyone was waiting around.) But I’ve been working through a book manuscript slowly but surely,...

Perpetual Motion: Fantasies of Technology, Slavery, and History

24 June 2018

Once we stop thinking of the past as a failed but noble attempt at the present, many of its inexplicable, repulsive, or ridiculous aspects take on a new colour. A good example is alchemical...