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Why Was This Document Never Written? An Unsource Analysis Exercise

15 August 2023

Who would the author have been? Where, when, and why did they not write the source? What conditions made not writing such a document possible, probable, desirable, necessary? Why...

History: What Everyone Needs to Know

7 July 2023

A scientist I know, arguing for the importance of practitioners in her discipline learning fundamental theory as well as technical skills, asked me whether there are similar debates...

Informal Historical Fallacies

3 February 2023

This post is based on a Twitter thread I started back in 2021 and have expanded since. Its origins are in a sense platform-specific. Twitter discourse is awash in accusations and counteraccusations...

Faculty[,] Don’t Run It Like a Business

30 January 2023

The subtext of nearly every practical discussion about hiring, promotion, or retention in academia — on the faculty side, that is — is that everyone is replaceable. One might say...