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The Best Compliment I’ve Received on My Teaching

11 December 2020

It was not the evaluation that said I was a snappy dresser. It was the time fifteen years ago when a student in an introduction to modern history who had identified himself as conservative...

Enlightenment Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

11 July 2020

Coming fashionably late to the culture-war party, The Economist published a piece this week on the evils of “Critical Race Theory” (CRT), a body of scholarship...

Men of Their Time, Standards of Ours

1 July 2020

It’s a common idea that figures of the past — and what this really means, without exception, is heroic or widely celebrated figures of the past — should be forgiven...

Writing the Second Book

27 June 2020

Yesterday I submitted the first full manuscript of my second book to what I very much hope will be its publisher. (Note to editors: I love you. Please love me back!) As with the doctoral...