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A Can of Worms

16 February 2018

The hedgehog and the fox; lumpers and splitters; generalists and specialists: these are not all quite the same distinction, but they share a strong family resemblance. For some people,...

Since I was young, I have been curious

5 January 2018

“Why does every PhD applicant start their essay with ‘since I was young, I have been curious’?” This question, asked on Twitter today,  is an interesting...

Galileo Hates Your “Campus Free Speech” Arguments

13 December 2017

“Four centuries after Galileo was silenced”, a headline blares, “UK students are still curbing free speech.” (At issue was a student union’s no-platforming...

Reverence and Engagement

7 December 2017

My office is filled with books. It’s not an especially capacious room, but there are four large bookcases in it, university issue, as well as two smaller ones I bought myself....