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Informal Historical Fallacies

3 February 2023

This post is based on a Twitter thread I started back in 2021 and have expanded since. Its origins are in a sense platform-specific. Twitter discourse is awash in accusations and counteraccusations...

Faculty[,] Don’t Run It Like a Business

30 January 2023

The subtext of nearly every practical discussion about hiring, promotion, or retention in academia — on the faculty side, that is — is that everyone is replaceable. One might say...

Don’t Think of an Elephant

19 December 2022

I’m sticking with Twitter for as long as I can for the simple reason that I have a much larger and more varied following there than I can imagine building anywhere else. It’s possible...

That Noble Scream

2 November 2022

James Sweet is worried about the state of historiography. Beginning in August with an ex cathedra editorial in American historians’ trade magazine, Perspectives, and continuing now...