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Ridley Scott’s Napoleon (2023): A Review

27 November 2023

By Clare Siviter-Groschwald Ridley Scott’s Napoleon (2023) was always going to be big. It was always going to be controversial. We’re talking about Napoleon after all. The debate...

A “Banquet Fraternal” at Hamburg in 1798: The Irish Connection and the Birth of the Modern Conspiracy Theory

13 November 2023

This article is part of a collaboration with the Commission  internationale d’histoire de la Révolution française (CIHRF) following the August 2022 meeting of the International...

Learning and Forgetting: Picturing the Bourbons in Exile

23 October 2023

By Gregory Afinogenov For most readers with any interest in the revolutionary era, the French Restoration can be summed up with Talleyrand’s dictum that “the Bourbons learned...

Don’t Call it A Mortgage: The Perils of Translation in an Early Modern Economy

9 October 2023

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