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Age of Revolutions

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Social Revolutions Beyond the Volga: Egypt and Ireland

12 February 2018

By Aidan Beatty In 1919, a “Revolution” broke out in Egypt; since 1882, Britain had held an outsized role in Egyptian affairs but never directly ruled the country,...

From Lexington to Vienna: Reporting Revolution in an Absolutist State

5 February 2018

By Jonathan Singerton Long before “the shot heard round the world” at Lexington and Concord, Viennese readers of the local Wienerisches Diarium saw it coming. An editorial...

The French Rural Revolution 1789-1793

29 January 2018

By Jorge Sánchez Morales When Louis XVI failed to reconcile the Estates General during the séance royale of June 23, 1789, the expectations for...

For Sale: Cuba’s Revolutionary Figured World

22 January 2018

By María A. Cabrera Arús Over more than five decades, Cubans have become familiar with a revolutionary iconography constructed, in part, around a sartorial style characterized...