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Fibres, Yarns and the Invention of the Spinning Jenny

24 June 2018

Open the link below for my paper ‘Fibres, Yarns and the Invention of the Spinning Jenny’, written for the session ‘Popularizing Fabrics and Clothing, 17th to...

Spinning little stories about the High Wage Economy.

9 December 2016

It’s been fascinating seeing the responses to Judy Stephenson’s post ‘Spinning little stories: Why cotton in the Industrial Revolution was not what you think’...

Robert Allen’s spinning jenny is broken

25 January 2016

The late Eric Hobsbawm famously remarked ‘whoever says Industrial Revolution says cotton’. Traditional accounts of the British Industrial Revolution tell the story of an...

Richard Arkwright goes to Germany

19 June 2015

Ratingen: Hohen Fabrik I recently visited LVR-Industriemuseum Textilfabrik Cromford, at Ratingen, near Düsseldorf, Germany. The museum is located in the first water-powered cotton...