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Readers of Early Modern Recipes

11 June 2019

by Kristina Duemmler, UNC Charlotte I have always been fascinated with reading. Many people believe that reading is a static activity that does not reveal important information about...

Exploring Recipe Transcriptions with Voyant in the Classroom

7 May 2019

By Heather Froehlich The below post is a summary of a classroom activity executed in Spring 2019 and developed as part of the EMROC teaching partnership at Penn State University with...

Big News! Recipe Transcriptions Now Searchable in LUNA

12 March 2019

  By Rebecca Laroche Since mid-February, those who have been using the Folger Shakespeare Library’s digital archive LUNA, may have noticed an exciting change. In the left-hand...

Dr. Walter Hariss’s Methods of Treating Deathly Ill Children (Folger MS W.a.87)

21 February 2019

By Victoria Kuhr If your child was knocking at death’s door, wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to cure them, even if the treatments were potentially dangerous?...