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Dr. Burges’s Plague Water

24 January 2018

By Jana Jackson For early modern pious women, the religious obligation to be healers and competent housewives catalyzed the compilation of extensive medical receipt books during the...

Happy New Year from the Steering Committee

11 January 2018

When the Steering Committee last met face-to-face in November 2016, we set the goal of having ten recipe collections completely transcribed, vetted, and entered into the Folger’s...

Teaching Transcription and Recipes at Bowdoin College

20 December 2017

In a new undergraduate course at Bowdoin College about health and healing in the early modern Iberian world, we dedicated a unit of our semester to studying recipes from the period,...

Jamming Out with Rosemary

27 November 2017

By Samuel Fatzinger As I was transcribing a recipe manuscript by Elizabeth Bulckley, “A Booke of Hearbes and Receipts,” (compiled in 1627, Wellcome Library) I came across...