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Medicine out of Mole-Hairs in Jane Dawson’s Manuscript

19 December 2018

By Ashley Gonzalez Though all of Jane Dawson’s recipes are fascinating, perhaps one of the most curious ones involved the medical use of moles for hair loss and hair growth. This...

What Wafers?

1 October 2018

These are not vanilla wafers. These are not chocolate wafers. These are, I learned as I read the recipe, a different type of sweet. Might Dawson have been using an alternative definition?...

Other Jane Dawson Experiments

30 September 2018

Marissa Nicosia, over Cooking in the Archives, has joined in #EMROCcooks. Her offering is a rather delicious sounding mushroom dish. You can read about it in ‘To Order Mushromes’....

Dawson Cooking in the Smith Household

30 September 2018

Assistant number 1, reporting for service. She agreed to have the photos made public. My assistant stood ready with the tools: the time had come to try the recipe for lemon wafers from...