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Printing & Books in Early Modern Europe – a bibliography

20 October 2016

I recently started teaching a new module on printing and books in early modern Europe – my dream module. This is a one-semester module taught through 11 two-hour long seminars,...

Early Modern In Our Time

8 May 2016

I am a massive fan of BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time programme. The range of subjects covered is truly mind-boggling, and the BBC has been really great at archiving the series over...

English sources for early modern French history – part 1: Politics and Government

3 May 2016

Students are often wary about studying early modern France, particularly when it comes to research projects and dissertations, because they’re concerned that there’s not...

Coming soon to BBC2 – ‘Versailles’

3 May 2016

There’s a new drama about Louis XIV coming soon to BBC2. First screened last year in France – although it’s all in English, and a lot of the cast are British , which...