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Digital Presence

26 September 2016

Screengrab from   I’ve enjoyed a couple of articles in New York recently, so I picked up a copy at a newsagent’s...

Digital labor

13 January 2016

The tweets above are by our cat, @Teh_Mewzor. Teh Mewzor is of an existential bent. As I type, he is curled up in my lap, preventing me from reaching my tea. If I were to tweet...

“We write sentences. About sentences.”

19 August 2015

or, towards a very conservative practice of the digital humanities. The title of this post was spoken during the Q&A of a roundtable I saw at CSECS (the Canadian Society for...

I am tweeting the Essay on Criticism one couplet at a time, and here is why.

13 February 2015

I am tweeting the 1711 edition of the Essay on Criticism, @m_scriblerus.One couplet per tweet. Two tweets per day. It will take me a little over six months.‡ Tweeting literary...