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Some Trump-Induced Thoughts on the History of Detention

27 June 2018

In 1689 the merchant John Farmer complained to the Earl of Nottingham that he and a companion had been imprisoned at Beaumoris without accusation or warrant. Although held only two...

A Failure to Communicate: Authority in Eighteenth-Century Newgate

11 April 2018

We are delighted to publish this guest post by Esther Brot, who is currently pursuing her PhD in History at King’s College London. She is writing her dissertation on the topic...

Some Recent Calls for Papers

22 February 2018

Below are three calls for papers and proposals that have come into our inbox recently. None of these are specifically about early modern prisons, but they touch on related subjects...

Radicalism, Respectability, and the Case of the Imprisoned Politician

15 November 2017

We are delighted to publish this guest post by John Owen Havard, Assistant Professor of English at Binghamton University, whose forthcoming work includes a book on the origins of disaffected...