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Why did premodern Poland fail? (Highlight II)

22 September 2017

Mikołaj Malinowski (Lund) is a quantitative economic historian. His expertise is in quantitative analyses of the role of markets and institutions in long-term economic growth of...

Ridolfi on premodern France (Hightlight I)

7 July 2017

As announced in the previous post, there will be from now on once in a while posts written by guest scholars, both junior a senior. This post has been written by Leonardo Ridolfi of...

Introducing “highlights”: Ridolfi on premodern France and Jongman on the Roman empire

20 June 2017

From now on there will be once in a while posts written by others in this blog. These will be written both by young scholars and by more senior, established scholars. The idea...

How important was colonial trade for the rise of Europe?

5 June 2017

I recently gave an interview to Garret M. Petersen of the Economics Detective Radio where I discuss some of my work. You can listen to it in this link: Money, Trade and Economic...