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De katholieke drukpers

11 December 2019

Catholic Printing Press in a Border Area Our team member Alexander Soetaert published his dissertation as a monograph, using a transregional perspective to examine the Catholic printing...

Transregional reformations

11 December 2019

The volume Transregional Reformations: Crossing Borders in Early Modern Europe invites scholars of the Catholic and Protestant Reformations to incorporate recent advances in transnational...

Isabel Casteels

11 December 2019

Isabel Casteels (1994) graduated at the University of Amsterdam with a master’s thesis on the production of knowledge from overseas areas in the Dutch city of Enkhuizen at the...

Jarrik Van Der Biest

11 December 2019

Jarrik Van Der Biest (1996) studied History at KU Leuven and obtained a master’s degree in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds, with a dissertation on the expression of...