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Performing words #7: permanent

4 May 2018

I’m afraid this blog post will seem especially pedantic and churlish, because it is about the unexpected embedding of a strange word in conversations about early modern theatre...

The Woman in the Moon, Edward’s Boys: Review by Leah Scragg

3 May 2018

We are thankful to Leah Scragg for her review, here, of Edward’s Boys’ The Woman in the Moon (8-11 March 2018). You can read the director, Perry Mills, on the...

Losing the Plot: Audiences, Scraps of Performance, and Selective Participation

6 April 2018

Further to Andy’s post on story, this post asks questions about the nature and necessity of coherent “story”—and of audiences following “plot”—in...

Performing words #5: matter

14 March 2018

what’s the matter? This post follows up some of the points raised by Andy in his discussion of “story” and early modern theatre as part of his Performing Words series....