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Julius Caesar and the politics of having an audience

16 February 2018

I had the enormous privilege of seeing Julius Caesar last night at London’s newest theatre. It’s one of the greatest Shakespeare productions I’ve ever seen:...

Authorship studies: where have we got to, and where are we going?

12 February 2018

We’ve been talking about authorship and the way we study it so much on this blog that I’ve taken a moment to think aloud about where we’ve got to as a discipline....

Did Oxford write Shakespeare?

12 February 2018

One of the best-known disputes in popular conversation around Shakespeare is the question of who wrote his work. After all, someone must have written them, so it stands to reason that...

“Fly me to the moon!”

8 February 2018

Edward’s Boys’ Director, Perry Mills, introduces their latest production, in collaboration with Before Shakespeare, John Lyly’s The Woman in the Moon.  To...