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Resurrecting All Hallows and Reanimating Henry Walton

22 October 2018

Callan Davies explores some work-in-progress for a paper at the Shakespeare Association of America conference next spring for the “Tudor Performance: Contexts, Traditions,...

Rattling bloody facts; or, why Tamburlaine would make a rubbish boyfriend

22 August 2018

I got to see Michael Boyd’s production of Tamburlaine last night, a show that focuses as much on the plays’ verse as it does on their violence. The production...

Before Shakespeare at The National Archives (The Theatre)

26 July 2018

BOOK FOR OUR TALK AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES, 1 AUGUST, HERE Tucked away somewhere in the temperature-controlled archival store rooms of The National Archives is an equity suit in...

The Curtain Rises: Post Match Report

24 July 2018

On Saturday 21st, we enjoyed: seeing the puffed-up knight Huanebango being struck down by a disembodied voice, entering a sixteenth-century smoking area, meeting the cosmopolitan neighbours...