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The Intrepid and Inquiring Celia Fiennes

18 June 2018

This blog post by Heidi Craig introduces us to an early modern woman who traveled. Celia Fiennes was an impressive woman who traveled only accompanied by servants at a time when this...

Printers, Cleaners, and Brewers: Early Modern Dutch Women Behind the Stage

7 May 2018

by Martine van Elk As part of my next book project on early modern women and the theater, I have been tracing the contributions of Dutch women in the seventeenth century to the Schouwburg,...

Capable of Bruising a Letter: Early Modern Women’s Calligraphy

16 February 2018

  Instructional image from Cornelis Dircksz. van Niervaart, Oprecht onderwijs van de leer-konsten (1669, p. 60). Reproduced from Google Books.The art of calligraphy was practiced...

The Phenomenon of the Married Woman Writer in the Dutch Republic

1 November 2017

In this blog post, Nina Geerdink makes a startling discovery. Even though it has often been noted that many Dutch women stopped writing once married, she finds that there was a sizable...