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Laundry in the Cityscapes of Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam

18 February 2021

Figure 1. Hendrik Keun, De Kleine Vismarkt aan het begin van de Singel, 1770. Traces of pencil and pen in grey, 290 x 403 mm, Amsterdam City Archives, 10097: Collectie Stadsarchief...

Susanna Teellinck, the Earliest Known Dutch Reformed Woman Editor and Biographer

10 July 2019

In this blog post, Amanda Pipkin draws attention to a little known Dutch editor and biographer, making the important argument that because “authorship” can take many forms...

The First Woman Shakespeare Scholar Questions “Genius”

26 April 2019

In this blog post, Susan Carlile explores Charlotte Lennox’s groundbreaking work on Shakespeare, which made her one of his first editors and literary critics and also allowed...

The Intrepid and Inquiring Celia Fiennes

18 June 2018

This blog post by Heidi Craig introduces us to an early modern woman who traveled. Celia Fiennes was an impressive woman who traveled only accompanied by servants at a time when this...