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What’s in a name? The Enduring Influence of the Eighteenth-Century Vampire Craze

28 October 2020

With Halloween just round the corner, my thoughts turn to what to write for a spooky-season blog post. As someone whose major research interests reside in the cultural history of the...

Sleep and the Herbal Tradition – a blog for the JRRI

29 September 2020

Fig 1. Title Page, ‘A Boke of the Properties of Herbes’ (1548), Medical (pre-1701 collection) 318, John Rylands Library. Manchester Alongside the publication of my book,...

Arise, Blog (also: I have a new book)

28 September 2020

Well, it’s been a long time since I last posted here. A lot has happened since March 2019, after which life kind of got in the way. The biggest news was the publication of my...

Event Horizon and Medieval Demonology

26 March 2019

I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely adore the film Event Horizon (1997, dir. Paul W. S. Anderson). The tale of a spaceship – the eponymous Event Horizon – reappearing...