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Making Q1 Phylaster: Quartos in the Classroom (Redux)

16 October 2016

Detail of Phylaster (1620), Malone 783, Bodleian Library Last year, I started reserving a day in each of my Shakespeare courses for students to "make" quartos. I wrote...

The last scene of all, / That ends

6 July 2016

Last weekend, quite literally half a world away, my grandmother died. She had survived a long illness many years ago—had come back stronger. But this was not that. This was her...

Do What You List, Or Don't

11 June 2016

A diligent reader has marked off the playbooks on this bookseller list that s/he has bought/read (or perhaps has not bought/read).[Holk.d.29, Bodleian] The creation...

Shared Archives, New Methods: Book History and Theater History Across Media #shakeass17

1 June 2016

Detail of Plays 2.1, Worcester College Library, Oxford Tara L. Lyons and I are excited to finally share the news that the trustees of the Shakespeare Association of...