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Spheres of Influence: The Magical History of the Witch Ball

11 June 2018

Witch balls are globes of glass, with a hole in the top, often suspended in doorways or windows. They were made in most glass factories across Europe as glassblowers’ ‘whimsies’...

Object Lessons: The Concealed, Revealed, and Displayed

30 May 2018

‘Any idea of value?’. This question was posed to me by the coordinators of the project’s exhibition Spellbound: Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft, opening at the Ashmolean...

Coral: The Enduring Magic of the Medusa’s Blood

21 May 2018

Coral is a complex marine organism and has a calciferous skeleton. It is sometimes blood red and is vascular in its form. Therefore in Greek legend it was said to […]

Now Booking! Living in a Magical World: Inner Lives, 1300–19

24 April 2018

St Anne’s College, Oxford 17–19 September 2018 An international conference organised and funded by the Leverhulme Trust research project Inner Lives: Emotions, Identity,...