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The Devil in the Wilderness: ‘The Witch’ (2015) Revisited

12 April 2018

New England, 1630. A man we know only as William is exiled from his palisaded colony for challenging its religious orthodoxy, and heads off into the wilderness in a rickety […]

The Sphere of Magical Thinking: The Enchanting History of Crystal Balls

19 March 2018

In 1582 John Dee (1527–1609), mathematician, astrologer, magician, and antiquary, claimed that he had been given a magic crystal by an angel called Uriel. Eventually this slightly...

‘A Pinching and Pricking at her Breast’: Bewitched Hearts in Early Modern England

14 February 2018

When seventeenth-century people were bewitched they often took it to heart. In Jacobean Cornwall, after crossing Agnes Saunders, a Cornish gentleman is ‘extreemely distempered...

Call for Papers: Living in a Magical World: Inner Lives, 1300–19

24 October 2017

St Anne’s College, Oxford 17–19 September 2018 An international conference organised and funded by the Leverhulme Trust research project Inner Lives: Emotions, Identity,...