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Witches at Night: Creative Responses to Early Modern Witch Trials

16 September 2019

In the 1613 pamphlet Witches Apprehended, Examined and Executed, a servant gossips about a local woman he believes to be a witch. As he speaks, he is struck by a […]

Workshop on Medieval Magic: Future Directions

28 May 2019

Wednesday 26 June 2019 IAS Ground, South Wing, UCL Convened by Sophie Page (UCL) and Catherine Rider (Exeter) The recently published The Routledge History of Medieval Magic (January...

Nordic Noir: Creating Denmark’s First Museum of Witchcraft

14 May 2019

In December 2018 a small group from the Museum of Southwest Jutland in Denmark, consisting of Lulu Anne Hansen (Head of Historical Research), Mette Slyngborg (Curator), Louise Lindgaard...

The Witch of Loddon and Changing Perceptions of Witchcraft in Victorian England

17 April 2019

There are many stories of witchcraft in rural England from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but it is rare to find accounts of self-professed witches who actually attempted to...