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Apprehending Early Modern Fugitives

2 April 2019

Posted by Krista J. Kesselring, 2 April 2019 From the iconic ‘wanted’ posters of the American Wild West to the facial recognition software in use today, the methods for...

Putting Faces to Names: Illustrated Crime Reports in the Late Victorian Press

23 March 2019

By Cassie Watson; posted 23 March 2019. Nothing makes for a better news story than murder, a fact that the sensationalist Victorian penny press was well placed to exploit.[1] The details...

Femme Sole Status: A Failed Feminist Dream?

8 February 2019

  Posted by Sara M. Butler; 8 February 2019. When reading over an anonymous reviewer’s comments on a manuscript I was writing on the subject of women’s legal disability...

The Very Image of Justice? Star Chamber Records and the Art of Punishment

11 January 2019

Posted by Krista J. Kesselring, 11 January 2019. Records of cases heard in the early modern English Court of Star Chamber offer us rich insight into everyday life, and sometimes into...