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Execution Delayed: Some Scottish Examples

23 September 2018

By Cassie Watson; posted 23 September 2018. Crime historians are familiar with some of the more widely reported cases of delayed or failed executions that occurred in the seventeenth,...

From Blue Lobsters to Friendly Giants: Visual Representations of the Police, c.1840–188

27 August 2018

Guest post by Jane M. Card; 27 August 2018. Images from the past are never to be taken at face value since, made according to contemporary visual conventions and artistic tastes, they...

A Jewish Woman’s Appeal of Murder in Thirteenth-Century England

17 August 2018

Posted by Sara M. Butler; 17 August, 2018. Setting the Scene The period leading up to the expulsion of the Jews from England in July of 1290 was a time of mounting uncertainty for the...

Mapping Durham’s Medieval Sanctuary Seekers

2 July 2018

Posted by Krista Kesselring; 2 July 2018. Sanctuary-seeking today typically refers to the efforts of refugees fleeing war or persecution who hope for asylum in a safe place, usually...