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Persons under the Law? Medieval Animals Rights

19 February 2018

Posted by Sara M. Butler; 19 February 2018. Should animals be seen as persons under the law? At first glance this question may seem preposterous, but many animal rights activists today...

Star Chamber Stories: Elizabethan Witchcraft, Sorcery, and a Very Troubled Marriage

14 February 2018

Posted by Krista Kesselring; 14 February 2018. As noted in my last post, stories from the Court of Star Chamber’s proceedings can offer remarkable glimpses into early modern law...

Apostasy, Sanctuary, and Spin: The Canons of Waltham and Sanctuary at St. Martin le Grand, 143

12 January 2018

Guest post by Shannon McSheffrey; posted 12 January 2018. In 1430, Henry Ciprian and Roger Bukke, two Augustinian canons, fled from their priory at Waltham, Essex, and sought sanctuary...

Star Chamber Stories: Felons’ Labours

2 January 2018

Posted by Krista Kesselring; 2 January 2018. This is a story that begins in Southwark in the 1630s and ends, most likely, in Guyana. It touches upon female criminality, ‘benefit...