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Tea in Eighteenth-Century Britain

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‘Milk in First’: a miffy question.

11 May 2017

The question of when to add milk to tea is a delicate one in British tea customs. Do you add the ‘milk in first’, pouring the tea on top of it, or do you pour the tea in...


15 April 2017

It has been a troubling month for tea aficionados. First, David Tennant – in his role as DI Hardy in the acclaimed ITV Drama ‘Broadchurch’ – was shown preparing...

Notes towards the Cultural History of Bohea

12 July 2016

Tea first became known in Britain in the mid seventeenth century. For the next five decades or so, British knowledge about tea was scanty. All tea was simply ‘tea’. When...

Enfield or Uppsala? The First Tea-Tree in Europe

10 May 2016

In chapter five of Empire of Tea, I wrote about the ways in which tea was understood and instrumented within British scientific culture during the eighteenth century: botanically, medically,...