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Film: Amphitryon

19 February 2018

The Department of Theatre, Film and Television present Amphitryon by John Dryden Directed by Michael Cordner

Women Beware Women Masterclass with Penelope Wilton

9 January 2017

In 2013, Penelope Wilton, in one of the series of masterclasses she regularly conducts in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, conducted a rehearsal of Act 2 Scene 1 of Thomas...

Performing Jonson – Sejanus

11 October 2016

Finally, there was time to begin exploring the performance challenges and demands of Sejanus. The workshops were supported by a Culture and Communications Research Priming...

Performing Jonson – Every Man In His Humour

11 October 2016

In the second workshop, Henry Goodman and Professor Michael Cordner explored the performance challenges and demands of Every Man In His Humour, in which Henry played the role of...