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Old Wives’ Tales: Long-term Medical Care during the English Civil Wars

7 June 2019

One of the main objectives of Civil War Petitions is to gain a better understanding of what kind of medical care was available to wounded soldiers during the Civil Wars. The petitions...

The Civil Wars and the Wider World

24 May 2019

The Civil Wars were a multi-national and multi-ethnic conflict. The fact that the violence was exported to places such as America and the Caribbean demonstrates that the wars were not...

Allegiance and the Art of Survival: Colonel Henry Farr

29 March 2019

In the late summer of 1642, as civil war in England became ever more likely, people at all social levels were forced to make hard choices. Few individuals were so committed to King...

Face to Face with a Maimed Solider: Captain Richard Vaughan

15 March 2019

As with so many historical figures who were not of the social elite, the maimed soldiers and widows whose petitions and certificates are to be found on the Civil War Petitions website...