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John Balshaw’s Jigge: Singing, Star-Crossed Lovers and Signing a Civil War Petition

9 June 2023

Some years ago, Jenni Hyde found herself sitting in the British Library reading room looking at a seventeenth-century jigge. Probably best thought of as an early modern musical, jigges...

‘Meamed and Lamed’: Approaching Civil War Petitions through the Lens of Disability History

11 November 2022

We have published several blogs on what the documents on Civil War Petitions can reveal about the medical history of the Civil Wars but so far we have said little about what the petitions...

‘Lost and impoverished for ever’: The effect of the Civil Wars on Local Communities as seen through Civil War Petitions

28 October 2022

As part of the ‘Battle-Scarred’ Summer School held at Merton College in July 2022, the Civil War Petitions team issued a challenge to the students on the course to write a blog...

Civilian Suffering in the Civil War: the case of Tysoe in Warwickshire

7 October 2022

In a previous blog, David Appleby described how the Civil War Petitions team often agonized over which claimants to military welfare to exclude from the project, many of those not making...