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Echoes of a Massacre: The Petition of Bridget Rumney

15 February 2019

The massacre of the royalist camp-followers in Farndon Field following the battle of Naseby was one of the most notorious incidents in the English Civil Wars and a subject of intense...

Prisoners of war: the lowest priority

1 February 2019

The plight and place in diplomatic relations of prisoners of war during the Civil Wars was discussed in a previous blog but how did the situation differ for the prisoners of war originating...

What can I find on Civil War Petitions?

21 December 2018

Since the official launch of Civil War Petitions in July, we have been working hard to gather new material. The research team have travelled to new archives and gathered data from new...

The War Hero, the Eccentric and the Turncoat: the Men Behind Three Signatures

7 December 2018

Several of the signatories to the documents in our Civil War Petitions database will be familiar names to anyone interested in the period. In a previous blog, Andrew Hopper told the...