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Plague 1603

21 April 2020

In 1603 there was another outbreak of the bubonic plague. Here are the records of the measures taken in Hull. The quotations are from Hull Bench Book Four [Hull History Centre...

The Plague

19 March 2020

On 27 Nov 1575 and Hull corporation took measures against the plague  The Mayor is not in the town, we don’t know why, but John Thorneton one of the Aldermen has taken his...

The Charmer of Swine

14 May 2018

Report on Barholmew Preston, the Charmer of Swyne (HHC C DMT 5/3) This is a moderised version. A more accurate transcription can be found at the end of this post. Firstly. Bartholmew...

1604 Witches

18 January 2018

“In this monthe [September 1604] vz the 4 Daie was kept heare a generall Gaole Delivery Baron Savile being Judge & Mr John Paler Clarke of the assise at which time weare arreayned...