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The Swinish Multitude

1 November 2023

In his influential and prescient early assessment of the French Revolution, Reflections on the Revolution in France, Edmund Burke revealed his contempt for ordinary people - describing...

Early Modern Texts in a Digital Age

1 October 2023

The workshops for our Experiencing Political Texts project have been hugely interesting, thought provoking, often inspirational. Yet they also seem to have been cursed. After being...

Reading Early Modern Political Texts

1 September 2023

Experiencing Political Texts is an historically-focused project centring on early modern works, but it also raises questions about the communication of political ideas today. The reading...

Translating English Republicanism in the European Enlightenment

1 August 2023

I feel lucky that we have so many excellent early modern intellectual and cultural historians based at Newcastle with whom I can talk and collaborate. One of these is my friend and...