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The Inspiration Behind Oceana: 6. Sir John Fortescue

1 August 2019

James Harrington is often seen as an aristocratic republican who like others in that tradition placed power in the hands of a narrow political élite. It is certainly true that...

The Inspiration Behind Oceana: 5. Petrus Cunaeus

1 July 2019

In previous blogposts I have explored the ways in which James Harrington drew on the ideas of earlier thinkers. So far my focus has been on figures who remain well known today: Niccolò...

An Interlude: Thinkers as Readers

1 June 2019

Programme for the workshop ‘David Hume as Reader: The Authors who Provoked Hume’, 03.05.19. In my last few blogposts...

The Inspiration Behind Oceana 4: Francis Bacon

1 May 2019

Niccolò Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes may be the two thinkers whose influence on James Harrington's thought has been explored in greatest detail, but they are by no means the...