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Bartolo of Sassoferrato’s Super prima parte Digesti novi (1478)

19 August 2019

By Meghan Constantinou, Librarian, The Grolier Club Fig. 1. Bartolo of Sassoferrato (1313-1357). Super prima parte Digesti novi. Venice: Nicolas Jenson, 1478, leaf a2r. Grolier...

John Bunyan, The Doctrine of the Law and Grace Unfolded (1701)

12 August 2019

By Jenny-Lyn de Klerk In Law and Grace, one of his Bunyan’s most theologically technical works, he presents his view of covenant theology, which was probably influenced by his...

Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, A King and No King (1631) and George Gascoigne’s Hundreth Sundry Flowres [1573]

5 August 2019

Bodleian Library, Wood 330(8) Image by Tara L. Lyons This copy of Beaumont and Fletcher’s A King and No King (1631, STC 1672) was owned and signed by the Oxford woman, Mary...

Hannah Woolley, The Gentlewoman’s Companion (1673)

29 July 2019

Hannah Woolley’s hugely popular work has been featured on our blog before. The Gentlewoman’s Companion (1673) contained not the recipes for which Woolley was famous but...