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Faith in the Town: Lay Religion, Urbanisation and Industrialisation in England, 1740-1830

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Record of the Week: The Diaries of William Beamont

19 August 2019

By Carys Brown William Beamont (1797-1889) was a solicitor, philanthropist and, from 1847, Mayor of Warrington. His diaries, letters, scrapbooks, and family papers provide a fascinating...

Record of the Week: On Marriage, Methodists and Medical Men

12 August 2019

by Kate Gibson On Boxing Day 1829, surgeon John Wilson wrote a letter to Mary Parkin declaring his love for her. Both John and Mary had been born and raised in the centre of Whitby,...

Record of the Week: ‘Manchester As It Is’

5 August 2019

By Carys Brown The eighteenth century saw a vast increase in tourism. Fuelled by this boom, eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century guides and maps often advertised themselves with...

Record of the Week: The Trials of a Catholic Priest in Carlisle

29 July 2019

by Kate Gibson Most studies of Catholicism prior to the 1829 Relief Act emphasise the significance of rural Catholic communities, sustained by gentry and aristocratic families. Within...