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More changes

16 August 2019

This week I’ve finished a big overhaul of the wiki. Changes include: there’s now an external identifier for the The Scotland, Scandinavia and Northern European Biographical...

Cataloguing SP 28

6 August 2019

Lots of people who have researched the British Civil Wars will know of SP 28, also known as the Commonwealth Exchequer Papers, in The UK National Archives. It’s a very important,...

Battles and sieges overhauled

31 July 2019

In the last post, I said that I was planning to change the data structures and page layouts for battles and sieges. I’ve now done that, which means you can: view a map of all...

More changes to data structures

19 July 2019

I’ve been busy for longer than I expected, but this week I’ve had a chance to get back to work on the wiki. This is a quick summary of what has changed so far and what will...