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The Power of Petitioning in Seventeenth-Century England

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Crime and Women’s Petitions to the post-Restoration Stuart Monarchs

11 January 2021

Emily Rhodes [This post examines petitions for mercy from women on behalf of themselves or their male relatives who were accused or convicted of serious crimes. It is written by Emily...

Letting the people speak: 2,526 early modern petitions on British History Online

16 November 2020

[This post by Philip Carter, Director of Digital and Publishing at the Institute of Historical Research, was original published on the IHR’s ‘On History’ blog on 11...

‘Infamus calumniations’, or, a petition goes awry at Rothwell Church, 1603

2 November 2020

[This post from Dr Andy Burn (@aj_burn) was previously posted on the Durham History Blog. It examines a dispute about a petition to King James I from a group of tenants against their...

Edmund Felton’s petitions for justice, 1621-53

15 September 2020

This post by Jason Peacey has also been posted on the UK Parliament ‘Petition of the Month’ blog and draws on petitions transcribed in our newly published volume of petitions...