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1 April 2023

Sometimes you want to convert variable names or text strings to, say, snake_case or CamelCase. This is a common issue when you’re importing spreadsheets or mixed data sources into...

The opposite of count()

1 March 2023

Problem: I had a dataset in which values had been summarised, but for a particular analysis I wanted to dis-aggregate them. Solution: tidyr::uncount(). Does the opposite of dplyr::count()....

Westminster Coroners Inquests 1760-1799, Part

10 January 2021

Introduction The data boilerplate stopwords Top words in verdict categories Word frequencies TF-IDF (term frequency-Inverse document frequency) Weighted log odds ratios Resources...

Going Interactive with Old Bailey Online Data

1 October 2020

D3.js: unfinished business Data Sunburst Circle Packing diagram Networks A few more resources D3.js: unfinished business My first efforts at interactive data visualisations go back...