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WFH 2: Tradesmen and Tools for Working from Home, Chapter 1

21 April 2020

For this second instalment of ‘Working from Home’ in early modern England, I’m going to take a look at some of the tools and materials urban individuals used as part...

WFH 1: Working From (the early modern) Home

4 April 2020

1: Doing business at home with teenagers As we, like the rest of the world, settle into the climate of pandemic lockdown, we thought we’d put together a short series on past experiences...

Pass Ye Remote: A Quest for Early Modern Entertainment Through Online Learning Resources — Before Shakespeare

23 March 2020

Welcome to Elizabethan England via the digital world! We’re lucky to have a range of exciting and innovative online resources at our disposal that make it possible to explore...

Martin the Minstrel and the Playhouses of Suffolk

24 January 2020

How did ordinary people “play” in towns and cities outside of London in early modern England?  Leisure is a crucial aspect of middling experience and a key theme...