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Martin the Minstrel and the Playhouses of Suffolk

24 January 2020

How did ordinary people “play” in towns and cities outside of London in early modern England?  Leisure is a crucial aspect of middling experience and a key theme...

The Furniture of the Middling Sort

7 January 2020

Many thanks to Chris Pickvance for this guest post on the furniture of the middling sort. You can hear Chris talk the team through a “middling” style chair in the video...

Humphrey Beckham, Craft, and Literacy among the Middling Sort

20 December 2019

A common misconception when thinking about those below the level of the elite is that the majority were completely illiterate, with no reading or writing ability whatsoever. Many of...

Mudlarking on the Thames, Part 2: What can we do with Fragments and Waste?

16 October 2019

In Rubbish Theory, Michael Thompson argues that there are three kinds of value categories: ‘transient’ or ‘here today, gone tomorrow’; ‘durable’...