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Jane Ratcliffe and the life of an ‘upper middling’ woman in seventeenth-century Chester

13 April 2021

In our Social Status Calculator Jane Ratcliffe is given as an example of a typical ‘upper middling’ woman. This blog uses the limited surviving source material to further...

Pen, Ink, Paper

1 March 2021

We are thrilled to host this guest post from Dr Paula Simpson, who works at the Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge, and who is currently writing a book on Tithe Disputes in Early...

The Early Modern Precariat: Women in the Precarious Household Middling

8 February 2021

*Trigger Warning: mentions of coercive control and financial abuse* Women in early modern England occupied positions across the “middling” scale.  There was no singular...

The Draughtsmanship of Divines in Early Modern England: Some Preliminary Observations

18 January 2021

Guest post by Hannah Yip, a Research Assistant for ‘GEMMS – Gateway to Early Modern Manuscript Sermons’, an SSHRC-funded project based at the University of Regina,...