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Mudlarking on the Thames, Part 2: What can we do with Fragments and Waste?

16 October 2019

In Rubbish Theory, Michael Thompson argues that there are three kinds of value categories: ‘transient’ or ‘here today, gone tomorrow’; ‘durable’...

Media Moment 1: Bristol’s Audits

10 October 2019

This blog introduces a new series of posts related to Middling Culture research: Media Moments.  These posts will provide short “glimpses” into topics that relate...

Mudlarking in the Thames, Part 1: An Immediate Reflection

4 October 2019

In the second chapter of Orhan Pamuk’s The Black Book, the novel’s elusive journalist imagines what would be discovered when Istanbul’s Bosphorus dries up: “Amid...

Skill and Handwriting

1 October 2019

This exploration of early modern skill in handwriting comes from Hannah Lilley, who joins the project as a Postdoctoral Research Associate this month and is based at the University...