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Middling Culture Project Launch: The Middling Sort – Some Reflections…

8 July 2019

We’re pleased to share Jonathan Willis’s write-up of our opening event, here. You can read our own overarching summary of the day in this post:

Interrogating ‘middling culture’: a workshop report

5 July 2019

Middling Culture held its first project workshop on Tuesday 25 June 2019. Our team was joined by around 20 experts from different disciplines, including scholars of literature, social...

Tudor Intergenerational Inequality

20 June 2019

My father was a Yeoman, and had no lands of his own, only he had a farm of 3 or 4 pound by year at the uttermost, and hereupon he tilled so much as kept half a dozen men. He had walk...

The Lenard Fireback

20 June 2019

Cast-iron firebacks were produced in England from the first half of the sixteenth century and served to protect the back of chimneys and reflect heat back into the room. As domestic...