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Love and Intoxication in a Renaissance Pleasure Palace

23 January 2023

This short film documents my collaboration with Phil Withington, other academics, and creative partners to explore the significance of intoxicants in Ben Jonson’s The New Inn, and...

Our Virtual Exhibition is Now Live!

21 December 2022

Following a well-attended launch event last month, we’re thrilled to report that the project’s Virtual Exhibition is now fully live! Three years in the making, and conceived as...

‘It Brought Much Slime Out of the Gutts and Made Me Cheerfull’: Defining Intoxicants in the Diary of Robert Hooke

5 March 2022

The word ‘intoxicant’ has a central place in this project, as in wider scholarship. But what does the term really mean, and why do historians use it so regularly? Intoxicant is...

Getting to the Root of It: Saloop in Early Modern London

8 February 2022

After a long night of ‘frolicking’, which included plenty of drinking, the friends George Price and Samuel Plumpton continued their evening with a hot dish purchased from a stall....