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‘It Is Forbidden’: Tobacco Bans and Public Space in Eighteenth-Century Stockholm

3 July 2020

At 9pm on 24 November 1793, two policemen called Dickman and Bergström arrested an unknown man on the Högbergsgatan for smoking tobacco and being drunk. Called to the police...

Conflict and the Coffeehouse: Three Stories from Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam

12 June 2020

In several Dutch books, plays, and poems written between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, coffeehouses are portrayed as spaces in which rational and civilised conversation...

New Intoxicants and Epidemics: Sugar and Tobacco in Hamburg’s Plague Medicine

19 May 2020

In these trying times interest in past pestilences is booming, in particular in plague (and the Spanish flu), not least because there appear to be so many parallels between these diseases...

Plague Time: Intoxicating Spaces and Pestilence in Seventeenth-Century London

22 April 2020

One of the most challenging aspects of the lockdown and social distancing measures necessitated by COVID–19 are the restrictions placed on the intoxicating spaces of everyday...