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Intoxicating Pharmacies? Apothecary Shops and New Intoxicants in Amsterdam, 1600–185

6 March 2020

Thinking about intoxicating spaces, apothecary shops are probably not what first springs to mind. Yet, these places are very relevant in discussing the assimilation of new intoxicants...

A Matter of Measure: Tobacco in Seventeenth-Century German Satire

28 February 2020

A German broadside published in 1658. Eight vignette etchings and a poem recount the story of tobacco’s arrival in Europe, and its ‘praiseworthy use by some German heroes/as...

Ground Level: Exploring London’s Historical Coffeehouses

11 February 2020

One of early modern London’s most common intoxicating spaces was the coffeehouse; a 1739 survey by historian and topographer William Maitland identified 551 institutions in the...

8 Intoxicating Objects from Nordiska Museet

29 January 2020

A key part of the Intoxicating Spaces project is our work with schools in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Back in October, a group of 30 pupils from our Stockholm partner...