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True Crime and Conspiracy Theories: The Sherman Murders (#podcastpairings)

19 March 2023

In December 2017 a Canadian billionaire couple, Barry and Honey Sherman, were found dead in their Toronto home. At first the police suspected a murder-suicide, but after protests from...

Podcast Pairings (#podcastpairings): A Preview of More Posts (2023)

4 March 2023

This blog is focused on my research specialty: the history of Dutch- and German-speaking adult baptizing Protestants (Mennonites, Doopsgezinden and those maligned as “Anabaptists”)...

“Reading” Early Modern Dutch Texts in Voyant Tools: Three Revolutionary Mennonite Sermons from 178

25 February 2023

In this post I have several interactive windows from Voyant Tools. The texts I use in each are 3 sermons from the anti-Orange activist and Dutch Patriot Movement leader François Adriaan...

The Mennonite Preacher François Adriaan van der Kemp’s 1782 Sermon on the Duty to Tell the Truth (from _Elftal Kerkelycke Redevoeringen_; original Dutch with no commentary)

24 February 2023

HET SPREEKEN der WAERHEID DEN LEERAEREN GEOORLOOFD.   Gal. IV: 16. Ben ik dan uw’ vyand geworden U de waerheit zeggende?   Zo iemand: zegt Paulus aen Timotheus (a), tot een Opzieners...