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Two-Eyed Seeing Applied to 16th-Century History and to Astronomy (with New / Medieval Perspectives on Animal Rights) (#podcastpairings)

24 April 2023

This post connects two recent programs from CBC Radio’s Ideas series that provide very helpful Indigenous perspectives on the history of encounters between Indigenous Americans and...

True Crime and Conspiracy Theories: The Sherman Murders (#podcastpairings)

19 March 2023

In December 2017 a Canadian billionaire couple, Barry and Honey Sherman, were found dead in their Toronto home. At first the police suspected a murder-suicide, but after protests from...

Podcast Pairings (#podcastpairings): A Preview of More Posts (2023)

4 March 2023

This blog is focused on my research specialty: the history of Dutch- and German-speaking adult baptizing Protestants (Mennonites, Doopsgezinden and those maligned as “Anabaptists”)...

“Reading” Early Modern Dutch Texts in Voyant Tools: Three Revolutionary Mennonite Sermons from 178

25 February 2023

In this post I have several interactive windows from Voyant Tools. The texts I use in each are 3 sermons from the anti-Orange activist and Dutch Patriot Movement leader François Adriaan...