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Europa-Uni Vortrag am 23. Juni

20 June 2020


Analyzing the History Department’s CLOs by Year of Instruction (2020)

10 June 2020

The following windows present ways of “reading” the CLO files for the Departmental Self-Study using Voyant Tools, a text analysis program developed by two Canadian humanists:...

HUMA 7P55: Iconoclash and “truth-ification”

25 February 2020

Iconoclash is a collection related to an exhibit from 2002 that is entitled “Iconoclash: Beyond the Image Wars in  Science, Religion, and Art” (

HUMA 7P55: More Discussion of Colas and Toscano (27 Jan. 2020)

23 January 2020

On 27 Jan. 2020 the PhD seminar at Brock University will continue a comparative discussion of two books on “fanaticism”. Covers from Colas (1992 / 1997) and Toscano (2010...