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Records of Early English Drama: Civic London 1558-1642

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25 March 2020

Whifflers were ubiquitous in early modern pageantry. The OED defines a whiffler as ‘one of a body of attendants armed with a javelin, battle-axe, sword, or staff … employed...

Saved from the Armada

11 February 2020

On 24th November 1588 Elizabeth I attended a sermon at St Paul’s cathedral to mark the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Since this was close to the date of her Accession Day anniversary...

Exhibition announcement

4 February 2020

We’re very pleased to reveal that the Civic London project team will be running an exhibition at the Guildhall Library in the City of London this summer. Running from 11th...

Opening the Royal Exchange, 1571

16 January 2020

Queen Elizabeth visited the City in January 1571 to open Sir Thomas Gresham’s new Royal Exchange (pictured above). She was entertained at Gresham’s house and was met by...