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Experimenting with the Database

12 January 2023

Credit Networks of Married Women in the Early Modern Rural Economy Hannah Robb When I was invited to contribute to the workshop ‘Networks, Behaviour and Strategies in Early...

Schrödinger’s Training Clause: The Puzzles of Pauper Apprenticeships, Part II

29 September 2021

James Fisher This is the second post in a short series on different strands of research into pauper apprenticeships as a compulsory form of labour. Read Part I here. The essence of...

The Missing 1550 Act: The Puzzles of Pauper Apprenticeships, Part I

15 July 2021

James Fisher The best introductions are fashionably late and retrospective, right? I began my 3-year project researching pauper apprenticeships in the summer of 2020, which will contribute...

New Ways of Working (1): Discussion and Collaboration Online

27 May 2021

Jane Whittle Due to Covid-19 over the last 15 months almost all meetings have been online rather than in person. This blog explores the benefits of these new ways of working for academic...