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Bells, bells bells: a medieval soundmark?

15 February 2020

Bells probably represent the sound that is considered most characteristic for the medieval sonic environment (also called: soundmark). In the Middle Ages, bells were omnipresent and...

Archiving the soundscape

8 October 2019

Following on from our first workshop meeting in Vancouver in March, in September, we collaborated with the research team at Wellcome Collection to explore sound in the archives from...

Historical Soundscapes (c.1200-c.1800): an online digital platform

5 August 2019

Paisajes Sonoros Históricos / Historical Soundscapes is a website designed to explore historical urban soundscapes aided by the outreach potential made possible through new technologies....

Silent History: deafness and sign language in early modern Europe

18 July 2019

Early Modern Europe was an aural world. Despite the invention of print and the rise in literacy, speech was still the main form of communication: it was at the heart of religious worship...