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Natural Purples on Silk – Discovering an Early Modern Palette  

29 August 2023

By Kirsi Mantua-Kommonen In 2022-23, the ERC-Refashioning project carried out a historical velvet waving experiment, in collaboration with the Fashion History Lab at Aalto University,...

Representing Renaissance textures and colours digitally

20 April 2022

By Maarit Kalmakurki In this blogpost, I discuss how textures and colours are created as digital garments and how beneficial digital animation is for testing different Renaissance fabrics...

Knitting a 17th-century silk stocking for the Refashioning the Renaissance participatory research project

19 January 2022

By Liisa Kylmänen Taking on a challenge I’ve been knitting since I was a teen and loved all kinds of needlework all my life. I also love historical clothes so when I heard that...

Did ordinary Italians have a ‘Renaissance’? Discover how artisans lived and connected with culture from my new book!

1 February 2021

  Italian Renaissance is known mainly through art works, decorative objects, and fashion manufactures that were owned, used and admired by the high-ranking wealthy elites. Before...