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The Paratextual Framing of Felicia Hemans’ ‘Properzia Rossi’ (1828)

24 October 2023

by Hannah Moss Portrait of Felicia Hemans engraved by William Holl after William Edward West (1837). Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection, NYPL Felicia Hemans (1793-1835) was a precocious...

Eighteenth-Century Botanical Paratext

29 September 2021

by Katie Sagal (Cornell College) As a scholar of literature and the history of science, I look at both form and content in my work on eighteenth-century scientific texts to understand...

Feminist Paratext in Mary Robinson’s ‘A Letter to the Women of England’ (1799)

27 May 2021

by Anne-Claire Michoux (University of Zurich) Mary Robinson as ‘Perdita’, attributed to John Hoppner (1758-1810), Chawton House Library. A celebrity in her lifetime, Mary...

Addressing the Absent Reader: the Dedicatory Epistles of Louis-Antoine Caraccioli

12 November 2020

by Rebecca Short (University of Oxford) When Louis-Antoine Caraccioli (1719-1802) came onto the French literary scene in the mid-eighteenth century, he made waves almost instantaneously....