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Learning Through Food

22 October 2022

Recreating early modern food has many benefits. While using period recipes is not a formal part of my PhD thesis, it has helped me consider the sensory aspects of food in the kitchen...

Experiments with Green Sauce at the Reading Early Modern Recipes in the Digital Age Conference, Queen Mary University

3 September 2022

I am currently taking part in the above conference which has been full of different perspectives on remaking early modern recipes (culinary and medicinal). It has set so many ideas...

Harvest season and the Festival of Lammas

16 August 2022

Grain crops and grasses display at the National Wildflower Centre near Liverpool. This has unfortunately now closed and the National Wildflower Centre has relocated to the Eden Project...

Midsummer and Seasonal Festival Food

22 June 2022

I have been thinking recently about what foods were associated with each early modern seasonal festival. This isn’t easy as it involves getting into the mindset of people who were...