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Kirsten Claiden-Yardley

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Tomb: Lord Dacre – a monumental palimpsest

11 October 2023

Whilst we like to think of memorials as providing a permanent monument to our presence in this world, the truth is that they are often altered, relocated or even removed to accommodate...

Catherine of Aragon: Victor of Flodden?

10 September 2023

When James IV of Scotland invaded England in August 1513 Catherine of Aragon was acting as Regent but does that mean we should call her the victor of the battle of Flodden? I have also...

Tomb: Thomas Lord Audley

26 May 2023

Who was Thomas Audley? Thomas Audley began his career as a lawyer at the Inner Temple in London, and a minor official in Essex. He was elected to parliament as MP for Colchester in...

The (lack of) coronations of Henry VIII’s wives

5 May 2023

Tomorrow (6th May 2023), Charles III with be crowned and annointed in Westminster Abbey. Alongside him will be his second wife, Camilla, who will be crowned as Queen Consort. It seemed...