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Tomb: John, Lord Cheyney (Cheyne/Cheney)

15 September 2021

Where is the tomb? It is located in Salisbury Cathedral, under the arcade on the north side of the nave and just west of the crossing. Was it always in this location? No. The tomb was...

Katherine of Aragon and the Battle of Flodden

9 September 2021

The Battle of Flodden was fought between the armies of England and Scotland on 9th September 1513. The English army was led by Thomas Howard, earl of Surrey (future 2nd duke of Norfolk),...

‘Tabulae’ or tables – the medieval precursors to heritage interpretation

29 June 2021

Visit any historic site or town today and you can reasonably expect to find some form of heritage interpretation board. But you might not realise that visitors and pilgrims to the churches...

Tombs: Thomas Howard, 2nd duke of Norfolk

22 June 2021

Unlike some of the noblemen I have written about, we don’t actually have a surviving tomb for Thomas Howard, 2nd duke of Norfolk. However, we know quite a bit about two tombs that...